Jilian & Brandon Smith

Vee Bar Guest Ranch - Wyoming Wedding

Centennial, Wyoming 



Saying your "I Do's" can happen in so many different ways. Some couples opt for the huge party with all their friends and family, a choice that I fully support. My wife and I did just that for our wedding. Or, like Jilian and Brandon, you can plan a vacation for your closest family at a guest ranch in the corner of Wyoming.

Jilian and Brandon call Austin, TX home. Knowing they wanted a low-key and relaxing "vacation for their wedding they started planning. They thought first about the beach wedding idea and then the swanky Jackson Hole retreat idea. Finally, they settled on a quaint guest ranch in my next of the woods.

The Vee Bar Guest Ranch in Centennial, Wyoming does only a few weddings each year. They prefer to move at a slower pace and still function as an actual ranch. When the couple stumbled upon this ranch on Google they knew it was where they would tie the knot.

They invited their immediate family (all from Texas) for a brief ceremony and reception and to experience the beauty of the Snowy Range Mountains. Laughter reached a peak when there was a miscommunication on who had the rings and the officiant had to hit pause while they were tracked down. Following the ceremony the couple road away on horse back, which we obviously used for portraits. The day culminated with the entire heard of horse galloping through the background of our final portraits. I mean seriously - does it get any better than that?!

Jilian and Brandon - thank you!

I am so glad you made your way to Wyoming.